Prostate Brachytherapy Seed Implant

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Prostate brachytherapy is a type of radiation delivery that is internal, unlike IGRT, IMRT, and RapidArc treatment techniques that use external radiation beams. To deliver the prescribed dose of radiation, radioactive seeds are permanently implanted into the prostate.

By performing a Computed-Tomographic imaging scan (CT scan) and a Transrectal Ultrasound (TRUS), the radiation oncologist will be able to measure the volume of your prostate and plan radiation seed implantation accordingly to ensure complete coverage of the cancer site.

The implant is an outpatient procedure performed jointly by your Radiation Oncologist and Urologist. It can be performed at Eastside Radiation Oncology or one of the local Manhattan facilities. An anesthesiologist will be present to deliver anesthesia so that you are comfortably asleep for the duration of the procedure. A real-time TRUS will be performed during the procedure to ensure precise positioning of seeds implanted. The seeds are transported through needles inserted through the perineum.

At consultation the Radiation Oncologist will discuss your candidacy for prostate brachytherapy, as well as preparations and expectations for treatment.

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